Monday, May 30, 2011

Product review: US PALM AK-BG

While I understand grips are personal preference, this may be one of the best things you could do to an AK.  If your a purest this isn't the grip for you.  For many of our AK owning brethren, if Mikhail didn't design it than it doesn't belong on an AK. 
I have to say this westernized battle grip is just what the Doctor ordered.  I purchased mine online from Onesource Tactical.  It came quickly with no issues.

US Palm supplies all the need hardware for the AK-BG.  Installation was simple & easy.  
The needed allen wrench is not supplied & a T handle version is suggested. 

The AK-BG features a watertight storage compartment. 
This storage compartment features a Dry-Lok plug meaning you can stick batteries, ear plugs, or even a few rounds of ammo in the grip if you really wanted to and it’ll stay dry in a torrential downpour.

The US PALM AK-BG is manufactured from TangoDown’s proprietary aerospace quality polymer.  So its durable.

Far more ergonomic than the than the original grip. The AK-BG should fit a wide range of users hands.  Its textured providing for a firm grip in all kinds of weather.

I installed the AK-BG on a Arenal SLR-106F for testing.  Its very comfortable & money well spent.  It changes the feel of the rifle.
If your like me & your AK gets used as a modern defense rifle, the grip is pure function.


Material Proprietary Polymer
Colors Black, FDE, Brown
Weight 5.8 ounces
MSRP $29.95


Ambidextrous design
Watertight Compartment, sealed with rubber trapdoor
Includes appropriate screw and locking washer

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