Friday, July 29, 2011

50% OFF COR®BON Ammunition: 4 Boxes for the price of 2! DPX45160/20-45 Auto 160gr DPX (Order Submitted Directly Through GEARHOG)

Deal Overview
Product: 45 Auto 160gr DPX (20 rounds per box)

The all-copper bullet construction conquers hard barriers like auto glass and steel while still maintaining its integrity. This is an optimum load for Law Enforcement.

- 20 rounds per box.
- Caliber: 45 Auto
- Bullet Wt.: 160gr DPX
- Velocity: 1050fps
- Energy: 392ftlbs
- Test Barrel Length: 3.0 Inches

- Deep penetration on soft tissue 12-17 inches.
- Easily conquers hard barriers like auto glass and steel.
- Reduced recoil due to lighter-weight projectile.
- Lead-free projectile.
- Environmentally friendly!

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