Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Product review: Kirkland Signature Outdoor Trail Sock

Ok so my most recent trip to Costco has netted another find. Hiking socks are definitely more expensive than your regular tube socks which don't cut it when it comes to hiking. My feet thank me for the extra money spent every time I have hiked the last couple years. That being said, so far this is the best deal yet I have found on hiking socks. I've gotten good deals at Cabela's & Wholesale Sports this year, but this beats them both. $10.99 for a 4 pack of Kirkland Signature "Outdoor Trail Sock".

Fiber Content: 71% Merino Wool, 21% Nylon, 7% Polyester & 1% Lycra Spndex

Features as noted on the package:
Cushioned throughout and reinforced from heel to toe for maximum comfort and durability.
Moisture management fiber in foot bottom wicks moisture and maintains cushion.
Soft merino wool provides natural comfort for all seasons
Lycra arch brace for fit and support
Smooth toe seam for added comfort

They seem to be on par with the other socks I've purchase in the last couple years. Next hike I will be putting them to the test.


  1. I've been using these for months now. So worth the money. Some of the most comfortable hiking socks I have.

  2. Been hiking in them for several years. They are very comfortable, no blisters, and they wear great. Won't be buying socks from the outfitters for $20 per pair any more.