Sunday, June 24, 2012

Egg Carton Fire Starters

This a really simple & fun thing to do at home.  I use shredded paper instead of pine cones.
I also bought new candle wax vs. using old candles, etc.  I needed to make a new batch because I had used up all the ones I had.  I figured what the heck I would post it & share.
Other than the wax I bought every thing else was for the most part trash.  Even the electric skillet.
The Teflon coating was starting to come off.  My wife was going to throw it out.  I saved it just for melting wax.

Materials Needed:
  • Cardboard Egg Carton
  • Dryer Lint
  • Small Pine Cones and/or Dried Pine Needles (optional)
  • Old Candles, Old Crayons, and/or Canning Wax
  • Small Pot (One you will not use for cooking anymore)
  • Ladle (One you will not use for cooking anymore)
Fill each egg carton cup loosely about half full with dryer lint. If you want to use small pine cones and/or dried pine needles, place those on top of the dyer lint. It you use the pine cones and needles, it is okay if the cups are slightly overfilled, just make sure the lint does not get packed in too tightly. Set this aside, on several layers of newspaper or another surface that can handle hot wax.
On the stove top, add old partially used or broken candles. Canning wax can also be used and crayons can be mixed in too. Don't worry about the wicks, as once the wax melts, they settle to the bottom of the pan. Once the wax is melted. carefully ladle the wax into each egg carton cup. Extreme care should be used as the was is VERY HOT.
The key to making these fire starters is to adhere all the lint and pine cones/needles together. The cups do not have to be totally full of wax, but the items in the cups need to be fused together.
Once the wax is cooled, the egg crate cups can be cut into sections.

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