Tuesday, August 2, 2011

$34.20 for $68.40 in Ammunition - 2 boxes of SD40135/20-40 S&W 135gr Corbon Ammo


Deal Overview

CORBON's Traditional Jacketed Hollow Point ammunition made its reputation with "high velocity" loads. This high velocity, combined with our exclusively designed, jacketed hollow point bullets, makes for a very effective self-defensive load. Penetration and expansion in our test medium of 10% ballistic gelatin are excellent; expansion is consistently 2 times the original diameter of the bullet. Depending on caliber and bullet weight, penetration is between 9 and 14 inches.

• Caliber: 40 S&W
• Bullet Wt.: 135gr CORBON Self-Defense JHP
• Velocity: 1325fps
• Energy: 526ftlbs
• Test Barrel Length: 4.0 Inches
• 20 rounds per box
• American made

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