Tuesday, August 23, 2011

$89.98 for GunVault GV2000C-STD Multi Vault Standard ( $179.95 suggested retail)


Deal Overview

Gunvault pistol safes are truly premium products that set the standard for the rest of the industry. Our patented No-Eyes Keypad provides lighting-quick access, even in the dark.

We know that security and reliability are prevaling priorities when you need our products, and that's why gunVault pistol safes have the features you want: Improved high strength lock mechanism. Precise fittings virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. Over 12 million user selectable access codes available. Audio feedback instantly confirms correct keypad entries. Audio disable feature allows "stealth" mode operation. Battery power for maximum security and easy portability. Tamper indicator notes invalid entry attempts. Built in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries.

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